Michael Seidel

JAMES JOYCE - W3230y Spring 2002

Transposto por Roque Ehrhardt de Campos, por que estas coisas desaparecem da Internet sem noticia e fica aqui um tesouro guardado.

No programa abaixo (Class Syllabus), sob Theme, as aulas do Prof. Michael Seidel provisoriamente serão substituidas pelas do Prof. James A.W. Heffernan, ou outras midias quando existirem no you tube por uma questão de disponibilidade e como exemplo perfeito de como atacar este tipo de tarefa.

Joyce's imagination is highly visual and highly aural. The material on this website corresponds to places, sights, and sounds in Joyce's works.

In addition, there is a store of what might be called paraphernalia, ancillary material that provides a hint of Joyce's working methods: notesheets, draft pages, writing schemata. There are listings of other websites related to Joyce, and there is a bulletin board for students to post information or ask questions.

Photographs, recordings, and all the paraphernalia are keyed to the syllabus by week.

Class Syllabus

Texts: (available at Labyrinth Books)

Dubliners (Penguin)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (Penguin)
Exiles (out of print, but sign up, pay up, and xerox copy will be provided)
Ulysses, Gabler edition (Random House)
Joyce's Critical Writings (xeroxes provided in packet)


Ellmann, James Joyce (Oxford)
Gifford and Seidman, Ulysses Annotated (California)

Joyce Primer