Internet, websites, computers, Ipad's and the like


Internet is many things to many people. It is changing the paradigm of knowledge among many others paradigm which are not our interest here. Perhaps this whole job is about epistemology, or what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which knowledge pertinent to any given subject or entity can be acquired, in our case the subject is James Joyce's Works and the entity is himself. Although to split him out we have to consider him in his totality and it is obvious in my explanation of how I see Internet and how it can help us to do that.

Please take a look on my idea about Internet for knowledge

As it could be seen on the Map of Knowledge, we belong to some combination of subjects there, but for the sake of bringing it down to our proposition, we are interested in Internet based information like the following:

James Joyce on the Web

Indiana University

University of Tulsa

Modern Language Association

The Joyce Project

Typical Blog

Tipical site

A good way to approach these sites is to categorize them as general or specific ones, for example, general are those which treat him and his works as a whole and specific are those which are concerned with a specific issue. The issue does not have to be some thing limited to some detail, but can be an interpretation of Ulysses, for example, such as this we are doing, and I advance as an example.

computers, Ipad's and the like

Since I prefer Apple and Steve Jobs way of doing things, specially his intuitive ergonomic style, this site runs very well on Ipads and it was loosely centered on the Mini / which seems to me the best choice for students.
It should run like a very powerful Kindle book reader. It runs perfectly well under Windows and notebooks.

The "computer" behind this is up in the clouds