Printed Material

This is not gospel or a rule, it is a parametrization to figure out the paradigm used. Since it is a huge amount of information, the source, authors, pertinent observations will be indicated directly when used.

There are two kinds of Printed Material:

The works James Joyce did himself, which can be extracted from (there are many ways to come to the same list):

Bibliographical Research

and works done by others about him or his works which can be extracted also above, with kind of European or German perspective and bellow, with the American perspective (there are other perspectives that eventually will be touched):

Modern Language Association

New York Times

Although it is considered "print", its entire issued print collection estate is offered through Internet and makes it truly hybrid, i.e., it is print and Internet, perhaps the best of its kind in the world.


There is no particular reason for the choice, except personal preference, but I like The New Yorker, ...The Guardian and eventually some other along the same line, which normally appears when you Google something, which is a very used tool on this job.