Modus Operandi

Under the home page entry, there is an operating system of access which has the following purpose:

1 - A synthetic explanation of what is the added value or new to James Joyce which is offered here;

2 - Pure and simple access to James Joyce's texts;

3 - Access to printed information about James Joyce as a whole and in detail;

4 - Access to Internet based information as a whole and in detail;

5 - Demonstrate that James Joyce translation to other languages follows a trend that makes it difficult at his early works, (Dubliners and The Portrait), very difficult if not impossible at Ulysses and impossible for Finnegans Wake.

6 - Translate Ulysses and Finnegans Wake to ( high school level) English and demonstrate that this "translation" is the ideal to translate to other languages as an

7 - alternative to this situation, i.e. offer a way to cope with this impossibility in all languages interested in his works

8 - People around the world should accept the idea that they should read this "translated high school level" explanations together with their own languages translations and it should be absorbed in their English classes of their high school programs as a cross reference and motivation to learn English

9 - Projects

These projects focus prominent features of James Joyce's work and most accepted interpretations and what is behind the"translated high school level" explanation to what he meant when he wrote this or that.These projects will eventually have another languages version for those who want to follow the idea of using James Joyce's works to learn English. They are the way it was devised on this job to access James Joyce data and turn it into information loosely the same way you do a consultation on an Encyclopedia, such as the Britannica and you operate a GPS: You select a subject , set up and address or location and it will direct you how to get there and you will know what it is all about.

Number 8 above should be the first project, because it can encompass, include, incorporate all the others offered here.